A Recollection of Grainger Market

From what I remember from many years ago, the market was full of little shops with whatever you wanted. There were fishmongers with a great variety of fish. The same as the butchers, and there was a garden department. In the market you could find shoes, stockings, curtains, fabrics. The building has changed a lot—they modernised it and there’s not as much stuff there now. There’s not many fruit shops there now, but every time I go in, I can hear the seller shouting her low prices. I can hear her as soon as I walk in the entrance. She shouts her low prices to get customers. The shop is called Hector Hall. In the old times there was an escalator there. The building has changed a lot but the weigh house is still there. It has character and maybe it’s a listed building. There is still a lot of business there but it’s not like it used to be. —Esta (89)