From the musicians

“Playing at Grainger Market in December was something new. A different, although incredibly fun show. Couple that with the unique idea behind our band and what we created, throughout the arrangement, preparation and final performance was an incredible experience for me, and I am sure it was for my fellow band members too” —Anthony

“Our band’s name as—“Vegetable Folk”, which we combine the concept of using vegetables, fruits, tableware, recycle items (glasses, plastics, tins, and others) to perform the pop songs. “Skiffle” is the style of music which we perform, but we made it more folk style. “Skiffle” this words is my first heard before I join this band. Skiffle is a music genre with blues, jazz, folk and American folk influences, usually using a combination of manufacture and homemade or improvised instruments. We used vegetables and recycle items to create our own instruments, as these items we used represent the meaning of homemade and improvised, which tie with the definition of Skiffle. We improvised from the vegetables to imitate some of the music instruments, for examples, the big water bottle as the bass drum, green beans as the shaker. Other than that, we also used the ukulele, double bass, violin, flute, keyboard, electric guitar and vocal to present our music.” —Jes Sie